•     Antibacterial-Antifungal.
  •     Sick House syndrome prevention.
  •     Radon Reduction.
  •     Semi-incombustible.

  •     Natural raw materials Eco-Friendly
  •     Deodorization.
  •     Moisture absorption.
  •     Excellent insulation.

Product Overview

  •   Easy toning
  •   Prevention of New House Syndrome
  •   Excellent Prevention of condensation
  •   Semi-incombustible materials and products
  •   No organic solvent


Problems That the Product Solves

Harmful Chemical Fumes
  • Natural Material Product
  • Orderless
  • Dodorizes the air Upto 80%
Health and Safetey Issues
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Bactrtial
  • Redon Reduction More Than 40%
  • Prevention of sick House syndrome
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