NanoCool Coating: NanoCool Coat is a white, liquid-based coating which works on a triple action formula-Reflection, Insulation and Waterproofing,

NanoCool Coat is a Eco-friendly and & Green certified product and it is all in one solution to problems related to high temperature, insulation, waterproofing, heat reflection and cooling.

Key Features:

  • + Heat Insulation
  • + Waterproofing
  • + UV rays Reflections
  • + Eco-friendly
  • + Green certified product
  • + Long lasting


  • Advanced Nano UV Proction
  • Power Saving Upto 30%
  • Excellent Adhesion to Various Surfaces
  • Eco-Friendly & Green Certified Product
  • Affordable, Low Maintenance and Extends Life of the Roof

Triple Action Technology


superior Aerospace gare insulation to deliver exellent protection even in harsh climatic conditions


Advanced IR reflection technology reflects the sun's heat and protects the coated surface from getting heated up even under harsh sunlight conditions.


A tough fiber reinforced water tight layer provides excellent waterproofing and cracks brdging.

Performance Report

Compare the thermal performance of Orbit Nano Cool Coat on roofing materials.

Why Choose Us?

Nano Base Green Product

13+ Years of Market Presence

International Quality Certified

Internatonal Award for bet Manufacturer

Areas of Application

  • The roof of commerical/office buildings
  • villa
  • factories
  • Air-Conditioned Buldings
  • Water Tanks and Pipelines
  • Warehouse/livestock sheds
  • green Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls & Convention Centers
  • Apartment & IT Parks
  • Oil & Chemical Storage Tanks
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