Introducing NonoSafe Active

A Revolutionary Self Cleaning & Self Sanitizing system to

Tackle toxic pollutants, Bacteria, Viruses, Mould and Odour

A secure shield to Stay. safe protected

The need of the hour is to build a Nanosafe active response system to restart growth beyond corona virus. The current pandemic has exposed

Persistent weakness in the world’s infections disease surveillance and response capabilities despite of the obvious harm they caused during prior outbreaks. NanoSafe is our revolutionaryself-cleaning and self-sanitizing system to confront the repeated instance of outbreaks and emerging infections diseases caused by Toxic Pollutants, Bacteria, Viruses, Mould and Odour in the industries, Officers, Hospitals, Malls, Public spaces, Schools and Homes. This innovation uses lights activated TiO2 that assist in the deactivation of bio-contamination for anenvironment that breathes pure Air, Eliminates Bacteria, Viruses, Odour and lasts for a year.


Building powerful Self Cleaning & Sanitizing response system

Nanosafe Acticva is an intelligent coating that harnesses the energy of light to decompose bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, VOCs and remove odours by degrading toxic organic pollutants to harmless carbon Dioxide (Co2) & Water (H2O). NanoSafe Activa is described to be the most powerful self-cleaning and self-sanitizing system in the world uses the smallest particle size 2-3 nm that binds itself strongly to substrates caring for strong photocatalytic effects working under the wide light spectrum. NanoSafe TiO2 coating is an active response system and the process is same as that happens in our atmosphere to create a healthy environment to Stay safe. Stay Protected.

Light Activated Titanium shield for an environment that breathes Pure Air.

Anti Virus

Anti Bacteria

Anit Fungi

Bad odours

Prevent Moduls

Lasts for 12 Months

Works 24/7

No Harmful Chemicals

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Why us

Growth Through Eco-friendly Innovations

Orbit has two state-of-the-art manufacturing lines custom-designed to suit for performance powder coating and high heat applications. The manufacturing process is controlled by ISO9001:2015 standards wherein the production takes place only after complete testing of the first sample. Strict monitoring at every stage ensures the quality of production.

Research & Development

Our R&D team lead by the top most authority in the organization, keeps abreast with new global technologies. Orbit always endeavours to bring in new technologies.

Testing Laboratory

Xenon ARC Test Chamber , BYKGlossmeter, PosiTector® Equipment: DFT Measurement, RA Meter to check surface profile , Impact Testing , Spectro Photo Meter, Pencil hardness tester,

ORBIT has set its mission to provide whole solutions for powder and paint based coatings.

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